Sunday, January 29, 2012

Linux kernel: force console resolution

Modern Linux kernels have a facility, called Kernel mode-setting, or KMS, that enables the kernel to detect (via EDID signals) the monitor's native screen resolution and other parameters, and use them "automagically".

It is also possible to use the KMS facility to force the console to use a specific resolution. This can be useful when using an older monitor that doesn't generate EDID signals, or when using an older VGA cable that doesn't propagate the EDID signals, or when using a KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) Extender.

Whatever the reason, it's easy to set the correct resolution by adding, for example, video=1920x1200 to the kernel command line.

This is assuming you have the framebuffer driver enabled in your kernel.

For more information, see Documentation/fb/modedb.txt in the kernel source, or just click here:

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