Saturday, January 28, 2012

Notes on running Linux 3.1.10 kernel on IBM NetVista N2200 (Model 8363)

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Linux on the IBM NetVista N2200 (Model 8363) page on Smithfarm - the Brain

Having tried to run the Linux 3.1.10 kernel on the IBM NetVista N2200 (Model 8363), and failed, here are my notes.

The kernel seems to work fine if I replace the standard Debian /sbin/init file with a script that simply runs /bin/sh.

The problems start when I boot into the full Debian system. Apparently, there is memory corruption. I can log in on the first virtual console, but when I go to open a second login on a different virtual console, the system locks up. Sometimes, before locking up, it displays some error messages about finding something it didn't expect.

In any case, it is unusable.

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