Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thin client IBM NetVista N2200 Model 8363 Reading List

IMPORTANT NOTE: This blog contains several pages related to Linux on the IBM NetVista N2200 (Model 8363). All the information is summarized here:

Linux on the IBM NetVista N2200 (Model 8363) page on Smithfarm - the Brain

Past couple days I've been reading every website imaginable regarding Linux on the N2200. Now I'm to the point where I need to refer back to one or more of those pages, but I can't find them. (Sound familiar?)

So, this is just a bunch of links, but I should say that there's no way I could have got my N2200 to boot without the information on these pages, so my gratitude goes out to all their authors. A special "thank-you" to Antonio Martins, whose work formed the basis for mine.

NetVista N2200 links - Antonio Martins
NetVista N2200 links - Others

General (background) links

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