Sunday, February 12, 2012

How to install GT.M

As I'm sure you know, GT.M is the best free MUMPS implementation out there. Here's how to install it.

Grab the source from SourceForge: (I use amd64-Linux).

Unpack the source, assuming you put it in ~/Downloads:
$ mkdir tmp
$ cd tmp
$ tar xvfz ~/Downloads/gtm_V54002B_linux_x8664_pro.tar.gz

Install ICU:
$ sudo apt-get install libicu48 libicu-dev

Read the instructions:

Run the ./configure script:
$ sudo ./configure

Edit .profile to set up default GT.M environment:
$ ./gtmbase
Updating your login files to support GT.M. You must log out
and log back in for these changes to take effect.

$ tail -n 1  ~/.profile
. /home/nlc/gtm/gtmprofile

As you can see, this will run the gtmprofile script every time you log in.

Run GT.M by running the gtm script in the directory you installed GT.M to.

Note: this is the bare minimum to get you up and running. You will probably want to do additional things like, e.g., add the GT.M directory to the PATH environment variable, redirect GT.M logging to /var/log, etc.

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