Saturday, May 12, 2012

bcdedit: The delete command specified is not valid


When using the bcdedit.exe command in the Windows Powershell (or "DOS box") you may run into this error message. (Česky to řve: zadaný příkaz delete není platný)

The solution is outlined at this blog entry.

Just in case that link goes stale, here's the run-down. I was trying to do this:

PS C:\Users\User> bcdedit /delete {d2asdf334-....34df}
Zadaný příkaz delete není platný.
Pomoc k příkazovému řádku získáte příkazem bcdedit /?.

The problem, as Coder From The Dark North says in the blog entry, was that I was not enclosing the identifier in double-quotes. Also, the /f qualifier is missing. So, the correct command would be:

bcdedit /delete "{d2asdf334-....34df}" /cleanup /f

Hope this helps someone.

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  1. Thank you for such a nice post to inform actual mistake.

    I have made the same mistake using this tutorial
    and now after restart, I can not go past Lenovo Screen. Please help me.