Wednesday, May 2, 2012

OpenVMS: Idle loop in FreeAXP

  • Get PersonalAlpha from
  • Install it
  • Go to the PersonalAlpha directory under "Program Files"
  • Copy the file "idleloop.vdisk" into your FreeAXP directory
  • Set up FreeAXP so that the idleloop.vdisk image is DKA100:
  • Boot up VMS
  • Proceed as follows:
$ set default dka100:[000000]
$ dir

Directory DKA100:[000000]

000000.DIR;1        BACKUP.SYS;1        BADBLK.SYS;1        BADLOG.SYS;1
BITMAP.SYS;1        CONTIN.SYS;1        CORIMG.SYS;1        IDLE012.DIR;1

Total of 11 files.
$ set default [.idle012]
$ dir

Directory DKA100:[000000.IDLE012]


Total of 2 files.
$ type readme.txt
Before installing idle one shoud make sure that for VMS version V6.2 up to V7.1-
 the PCSI kit VMS62TO71U2_PCSI has been installed.

$! Note that this doesn't work - you have to know the product's name (IDLE)
$ product install sri-axpvms-idle-v0102
%PCSI-E-S_INVNAM, invalid product name
%PCSIUI-E-ABORT, operation terminated due to an unrecoverable error condition
$! This works
$ product install idle
%PCSI-I-CANNOTVAL, cannot validate DKA100:[000000.IDLE012]SRI-AXPVMS-IDLE-V0102-
-PCSI-I-NOTSIGNED, product kit is not signed and therefore has no manifest file

The following product has been selected:
    SRI AXPVMS IDLE V1.2                   Layered Product

Do you want to continue? [YES]
Configuration phase starting ...

You will be asked to choose options, if any, for each selected product and for
any products that may be installed to satisfy software dependency requirements.

SRI AXPVMS IDLE V1.2: Idle cpu powersave driver V1.2 for OpenVMS Alpha.

    Copyright 1976, 2007 Software Resources International

    IDLE was produced by Software Resources International

* This product does not have any configuration options.

Execution phase starting ...

The following product will be installed to destination:
    SRI AXPVMS IDLE V1.2                   DISK$ALPHASYS:[VMS$COMMON.]

Portion done: 0%...10%...20%...80%...100%

The following product has been installed:
    SRI AXPVMS IDLE V1.2                   Layered Product

FreeAXP should start idling immediately.

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