Wednesday, January 30, 2013

openSUSE: zypper - the basics and beyond

When you start to use openSUSE, the first thing you discover is YaST. Amazing tool that it is -- and I really do recommend learning about it because it can be invaluable -- many package management tasks are better suited to the command line. And that means zypper.

Get to know it, because you'll be using it a LOT. I recommend the following reading list:

zypper reading list

zypper cheat sheet

Frequently forgotten zypper commands:
  • zypper packages -i [REPO] (list all installed packages from REPO) Note on the 'i' and 'v' letters in the first column: the 'i' means "Installed", which is clear enough. The 'v' means "Another version installed", or in other words: multiple versions of this package are currently available from different repos _and_ a version from a different repo is installed.
  • zypper search -s [STRING] (search for packages matching STRING and show details such as 'i'/'v' letters explained above, version, and repository name)
  • zypper search --requires [STRING] (list packages that require packages matching STRING)
  • zypper search --recommends [STRING] (list packages that recommend packages matching STRING)

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