Friday, February 1, 2013

KDE: How to add application launchers to Folder View plasmoid

When I installed openSUSE 12.2 with KDE, it automatically created a Folder View plasmoid on my desktop (linked to ~/Desktop with certain application launchers. I was able to delete launchers I didn't need, but I couldn't figure out how to add new ones.

When I right-clicked on an application's icon and chose "Add to desktop", an individual plasmoid was created on the desktop for running that application. But it wasn't possible to move it into the Folder View plasmoid, which is where I wanted it.

I also tried "Create New -> Link to application", which created a blank object. In the properties of that object, I changed the command for running it. That created a working laucher, but without any icon. I found I could (also from within Properties of the launcher) click on the "question mark" icon and change it to the application's icon.

"There has to be an easier way," I thought. And there is. I found it at Plasma – Desktop Icons in KDE 4.2. There, under "Example 1. Favorite applications", there are instructions for creating a new Folder View. Since I already had by default that in openSUSE 12.2, I read on:

Now you can add applications, for example by drag and drop from the application launcher. When you drop the icon, you’ll probably see a list with different options. “Copy here” should do just fine, since you only copy the .desktop file of the application. “Link here” also works. If you don’t want to see the list, hold down ctrl when you drag the icons.

!!! It really was that simple. !!!

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