Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Request Tracker says config file is locked

Symptom: I openrf Request Tracker in my browser and instead of the login screen, it said:
Config file /etc/request-tracker/ is locked 

Since I had no idea what the cause could be, I asked Google. All the forum entries it pointed me to said that it's because request-tracker can't access MySQL. But on my system this wasn't the case -- MySQL was running fine.

Checking the logs, I found this intriguing message:

I checked my and, sure enough, I had a trailing slash in the URL. After removing it and restarting Apache, the error went away.

Later, I found that I shouldn't be setting WebBaseURL anyway -- quoting from the RT 4.0 Documentation:
$WebBaseURL, $WebURL

    Usually you don't want to set these options. The only obvious
    reason is if RT is accessible via https protocol on a non standard 
    port, e.g. ''. In all other cases these 
    options are computed using $WebDomain, $WebPort and $WebPath.

1 comment:

  1. It usually is because u run the service of Apache2 BEFORE of the serve of MySQL...

    So just restart the service of Apache2 and reload the browser...

    For best practicals its always apache2 first and then MySQL...