Tuesday, March 26, 2013

mfile now on Github

Mfile reading list

* Github repo: https://github.com/smithfarm/mfile
* Project wiki: https://github.com/smithfarm/mfile/wiki

I set up a repository on Github for my mfile project -- an old database application I wrote many moons ago in C for tracking paper and electronic files. The project involves completely rewriting the application in Erlang using the Chicago Boss web framework so it runs in a browser (the original application ran in a terminal using the ncurses library). The database backend (PostgreSQL) will not change, but the data will be re-encoded from ISO-8859-2 to UTF-8.

After following the instructions from Github, the repository worked but, I had to install the openssh-askpass package to avoid errors like "/usr/lib/ssh/x11-ssh-askpass: No such file or directory" and "error: cannot run git-credential-cache--daemon: No such file or directory":
# zypper in openssh-askpass

Now it's smooth sailing:
$ vim file-in-repo
$ git commit -a -m "Description of change"
$ git push -u origin master
... enter credentials ...

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