Tuesday, October 29, 2013

openSUSE: manipulate patterns without Yast

I occasionally need to install a pattern, or see if I have a pattern installed -- things like that. Until now, I've been using Yast -- a great tool -- for this purpose. But all along I've had this nagging notion that I could do the same thing from the command line . . .

List all/installed patterns

First, I need to see what patterns are available, and which of them I have installed:
# zypper se -t pattern

Install a pattern

Second, I need to install a pattern:
# zypper in -t pattern [PATTERN]

Examine a pattern

Third, I need to examine a pattern, see what's inside it:
# zypper if -t pattern [PATTERN]

Remove a pattern

Finally, I might need to remove a pattern:
# zypper rm -t pattern [PATTERN]
Uninstallation of a pattern is currently not defined and implemented.
## OOPS!!!

# zypper rm --clean-deps [PATTERN]


  1. Sorry, but what's a "pattern'?

  2. wow, thank you. I have been looking for a way to uninstall a pattern in opensuse. I will test that last command to see what happens. Thanks man.