Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bike now hanging from ceiling

2011 is turning out to be a year when dreams come true. Or, put less romantically, a year when I finally got around to doing a bunch of stuff that I had been putting off for . . . let's just say a long time.

The bike -- which hasn't been ridden for at least five years -- had been taking up space in the basement. A couple years ago I purchased two hooks for it and figured someday I'd attach them to the ceiling somewhere. But that didn't happen immediately, at first because I was reorganizing the garage and the basement (a project that took years and still isn't finished), and then because I had other things to do.

Attaching anything to our masonry ceiling is a challenge. When you get past the plaster, there's a void. The theory is to use 50mm long plastic screw anchors that tie themselves into a knot in the void. The first thing that happened when I started drilling was I ran into an I-beam. So I made a bunch of holes until I found the edges:

However, I quickly found that theory and practice didn't match up in this case. In the region of the ceiling where I was drilling (near the chimney), there was no void - just concrete. No problem - just drill harder and longer. Over on the right side the drilling went as planned and was over in no time.

On my first attempt, I had the hooks too far over to the right, so that when I hung the bike the rear wheel was in contact with the stovepipe! So I had to move the hooks 15 cm (the width of the I-beam) to the left. From the picture you can infer where the steel I-beam is. The wooden French cleat thing on the wall is a remnant from a previous project.

Of course, the hook on the left side had to be moved over as well.

Man, was I glad to get that job done (and the bike off the floor)!

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