Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stainless steel light fixture installation

Our unfinished kitchen counter has two windows above it. This is the left window:

And this is the right window:

For over 10 years now, we have been planning to have some kind of above-window lighting. Now that we are finally getting the kitchen counter and cabinets done, I designed a fluorescent light fixture, in stainless steel, to go over these windows. The purpose is to light the counter work area and at the same time hide the actual fluorescent tubes. Here's the engineering drawing I made:

I gave this drawing to Mr. B., who took care of preparing the components and having them welded together. Here are the completed fixtures, on our living room floor prior to installation:

First I had to move the electric wire over to the right a bit - the fixture is designed so the wire is routed through the stainless steel tubing, so the wire has to come out of the wall in the exact spot where the fixture is mounted.

First I used a masonry chisel and heavy hammer to chisel out a channel for the wire. Then I mixed up plaster and filled the channel with it. Then I pressed the wire into the plaster and held it there until the plaster began to set. Then I smoothed out the plaster. It doesn't sound or look like much of a job, but it was an ordeal - here are some of the tools used and the mess made:

Then we hung the first fixture. Stringing the wires through the steel tubing was a challenge.

Connected the wires - voila!

Then we hung the second fixture. In this picture, we have strung the wires through the stainless steel tube, pilot holes for mounting screws have been bored, and screw anchors tapped into the pilot holes. All that remains is to drive the screws.

All done:

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